Opulent Blends USA All Natural Handmade Summer Blend 2 In 1 Anti-Bacteria Multi Surface Cleaner + Air Refresher Spray (Grapefruit Orchards) 472ml

Product Description


  • Opulent Blends 


  • United States


  • 472ml


  • Wonderful Scents + Family & Pet Safe + Eco Friendly.
  • Opulent Blends 2 In 1 Anti-bacteria Multi-surface Cleaner Spray cleans away the bad odors on your clothes, beddings, car, shoes and after the dinner.
  • Effectively cleanse hard surfaces while also freshening the scent of your home. Only use natural, biodegradable ingredients that are safe for families and the environment and Eco-friendly! 
  • Dual purpose action acts as an air freshener while you clean.
  • Complete your household set of wonderfully fragrant products in beautiful packaging that looks amazing on your kitchen counter with our Muti-surface Cleaning Spray.
  • The special blend of pure essential oils create refreshing, therapeutic scents that make housework less like a chore and more enjoyable.
  • Experience the difference a high quality, responsibly natural, meticulously hand crafted product can make.

How to use:

  • For Multi surface Cleaner:
  • Simply spray directly on to surface.
  • Wipe over with Clean damp cloth & allow to dry, no need to rinse.
  • For Air Refresher:
  • Spray a proper amount on the desired area or fabric anytime you need.