Opulent Blends USA All Natural Vegan Handmade Antibacterial Luxurious Essential Oil Bar Soap (Grapefruit Orchards) 112g

Product Description
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  • Opulent Blends 


  • United States


  • 112g


  • In case you get a cut or a wound on any part of your body, applying Grapefruit Orchards Essential Oil Bar Soap can be a good remedy.
  • Stop using those synthetic bars of soap (actually detergent) that dry out your skin, remove your natural oils and leave behind harmful chemicals.
  • Experience the luxury of real natural soap today.
  • It all started here...We say “Experience the Difference” & “Experience the Luxury” for a reason. If you have not tried real handcrafted soap you should not deprive yourself any further. 
  • The silky super suds it creates leaves your skin soft & clean.
  • It feels like nothing you have ever used before whether that be bar soaps or shower gels. Don’t forget it feels like you are in a spa when you walk in your bathroom and during every shower.
  • Our bars are all natural, pure vegan, and contain no parabens.
  • They differ from traditional detergent soap bars that strip your skin of its natural moisture, leaving behind harsh chemicals and dry skin. 
  • Available in assorted aromas all created with wonderful essential oils.

How to use:

  • Apply over the whole body during shower.
  • Rinse off with water.