PERIPERA Blur Pang Pure Milk Face & Body Primers (Tone Up & Skin Care Effect) 50ml

Product Description




  • Korea


  • 50ml
  • Pure Milk: (Tone Up & Skin Care Effect) 
  • Peach: (Tone up & Colour Correction)
  • Banana: (Tone up & Cover Effect)


  • Get milky-white skin instantly!
  •  Contains 10.000ppm of real bovine colostrum extract! The bovine colostrum extract from New Zealand provides whitening and soothing benefits, keeping your skin baby soft and smooth.
  • Nourishes skin with Jeju goat milk Fortified with the extracts of goat milk which is very similar to breast milk, the nutrient-rich formula improves overall skin health! 
  • Illuminates complexion with Vita Complex 10! Vita Complex 10 with 10 types of vitamins brightens up your complexion and leaves your skin looking healthy and radiant.
  • Brighten up your face to body! The Milk Vita instantly hydrates your skin and gives your a brighter complexion!
  • Say no more to those white, ghostly looking makeup looks! Simply blend Blur Pang Pure Milk Blur down on your face and neck and pretend you naturally have fair and glowing skin!
  • Got patchy brown spots on your arms from summer vacation. Just one coat of Peri's Milk Blur cream and problem solved!
  • Noticeably darker elbows can keep you from wearing short-sleeve tops. Cover those dark spots with Blur Pang Pure Milk Blur and show off your beautiful elbows.


How to use:

  • (1) Apply a small amount as the last step of your skin care routine or just before sunscreen.
  • (2) Want brighter skin. Apply another layer after the first coat is completely absorbed.
  • (3) Get skin that's beautiful and milky-white even Snow White would be jealous of!