Bel Perfume - Pretty Doll Perfume Sprays (Fruit) 30g

Product Description
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  • Bel Perfume by Champoo Araya


  • Thailand


  • 30g


  • The first perfume by Chompoo Araya (Thailand Actress).
  • An oriental fruity fragrance
  • A fusion of luscious fruity top notes of Red Lychee, Golden Quince and Kiwi revive nostalgic moments with a flow of endless joy and innocent youth.
  • After the top notes have dispersed, you discover an incredible sweetness feeling with notes of cupcake, white chocolate combined with the elegancy of floral Jasmine scents.
  • The final accents from Creamy Musk, Sensual Wood and Orris roots bring this aromatic journey to perfection and leave you with an a-doll-able feeling.
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