Princess Prim Pheromone Seductive Perfume White body lotion SPF50 (Peach Fragrance) 650g

Product Description


  • Princess Prim


  • Thailand


  • 650g


  • Seductive peach fragrance lasts all day long

  • Pinkish Cream
  • Contains substance that helps create sexual attraction

  • Can use as perfume lotion
  • Sun protection SPF50
  • Whiten your skin immediately after apply the lotion
  • Sooth your skin

  • Reduce dark spots.

  • Not sticky texture




How to use:

  • Apply appropriate amount of the content on the skin and blend it out evenly and gently.
  • When skin look dull, toned down and unhealthy, apply it to make it look bright, white and healthy.
    Vendor : Princess Prim