Award Winning Relax Cream Thai Herbal Analgesic Massage Cream (Muscle/Joint Pain Relief) 50g

Product Description


  • Relax Cream
  • Thailand


  • 50g


  • Light cream, non-greasy, fast absorbed with nanotechnology, pleasant aroma.

  • Relieves inflammation in the joint and muscle due to insect bites.

  • Curcuminiod has anti-inflammatory properties, swelling, inflammation, acute and chronic inflammation.

  • Chili extract reduces the pain of arthritis.

  • Mangosteen Extract reduces inflammation and anti-bacterial.

  • Ginger extract stimulates blood flow, reduces inflammation, helps inflammation of the joints, decreases muscular disorders. And reduce bruises.

How to use:
  • Squeeze a little cream and rub the cream lightly to the affected area 4-5 minutes.

Vendor : Relax