RiRe Atoren Premium 70% Ethanol Hand Sanitizer 40ml

Product Description


  • RiRe


  • Korea


  • 40ml


  • Contains 70% ethanol sanitary Aid(Ministry of Food and Drug Safety Approved).
  • Disinfection hand gel with virus disinfection and cleaning bacterial component formulation.
  • Removes harmful material of hands and nails clearly.
  • Added skin care elements to reduce dryness, irritation and sensitivity.
  • 70% ethanol can kill 90% of skin germs as long as the applied areas are wet, but a concentration 80% or higher was found to have a lower effect.
  • The clear gel type provides a matte finish without stickiness and keeps the hands moisturised without any tightness.

How to use:

  • Dispense an appropriate amount into palms, spread over hands and lower forearms.
  • Ensure to cover between the fingers, around the thumbs, nails, fingertips & wrists.
  • Then rub hands together briskly until dry.

Vendor : RiRe