RiRe Natural Triple Facial Contouring Figment Shading 9.5g

Product Description


  • RIRE


  • Korea


  • 9.5g


  • Triple Colour Shading: Light Beige, Dark Beige and Brown, the colours that are frequently used for contour makeup, are packed in this one shading.
  • Try and come up with various and dynamic makeup base!
  • Micro Fine Powder: Fine and light powder applied onto skin without going flaky. It would be attached on to your face smoothly and softly. No worries for lumps or dry feelings.
  • Light Beige For Brightness: Use Light Beige shade to brighten projected areas like nose, forehead, chin, etc. Just gently brush out to provide a bit of brightness on top of them.
  • Brown For Deep Shade: Use Brown colour shade to come up with deep and mysterious vibe. Gently swipe down chin, side cheekbones, forehead line and side nose area to give dark shade.
  • Dark Beige For Natural Beauty: Use Dark Beige shade to blur the boundaries of bright and dark shade to make your face looks natural and ordered.

How to use:

  • Gently apply on the desired area(s) with the exclusive brush.

Vendor : RiRe