RiRe Tic Toc Natural Look Waterproof Eyebrow Cushion 2.5g

Product Description


  • RiRe


  • Korea


  • 2.5g
  • 3 Colors:
  • #01: Grey Brown
  • #02: Dark Brown
  • #03: Light Brown


  • Reduce the make-up time in every hectic morning.
  • Brush type of eyebrow that makes natural looking eyes.
  • Made of Natural extract for the safety of skin.
  • Long lasting eyebrow giving vivid colour with one touch.
  • Easy and quick drawing with brush type.
  • Colour not on skin but on top of dry skin gives long last.
  • Thin coating shield safe on sweat and water.

How to use:

  • Press it about 15 times for the first use and then follow the eyebrow shape.

Vendor : RiRe