Sandokkaebi Washing Machine Cleaner 450g

Product Description


  • Sandokkaebi


  • Korea


  • 450g


  • Have you ever wondered why your clothes smell bad even after you wash them?
  • But your washing machine looks clean inside!
  • The problem is the internal drum!!
  • Sandokkaebi Washing Machine Cleaner helps remove unpleasant odor, removes fungus, kills germs, kills viruses from your washing machine
  • It also helps prolong your washing machine life


How to use:


  1. Pour 60g-120g detergent with warm water on the bottom of the washing machine.

  2. Close the side door of the washing machine and pour water up to the over-age level, ignore the setting of pre-washing and directly choose the main wash program for cleaning for 5-10 minutes, makes the product completely dissolved (if the water temparature is about 40°C, the cleaning effect is better)

  3. Turn off the power supply to soak for 2-3 hours.

  4. Clean according to the standard daily washing way (you can put some cloth to prevent empty rotation of the machine)

Vendor : Sandokkaebi