Self Goddess USA Remove Negative Energy Crystal Smudge Spray (Sage & Rosemary) 59ml

Product Description


  • Self Goddess


  • United States


  • 59ml
  • All natural, energy cleanser smudge spray
  • Crystal infused and Amethyst infused
  • Infused with 432 hz frequencies
  • Made with high vibrations and intention


  • Increases sense of well-being
  • Clearing lower & negative energies
  • It was used for rituals, healing, as well as to cleanse negativity and evil spirits


  • Creates sacred space.
  • Smudging is a great way to cleanse negativity and stagnant energy.
  • Smudging purifies the air of harmful bacteria and energy.
  • Smudging also purifies the air of harmful bacteria and energy. Not only is this organic, it is made with beautiful energy and intention where you will be reaping the benefits of the healing properties of the crystal infused amethysts.
  • Traditionally, smudging is burned by a bundle of dried sage, where it emits a herby smoke. Some people are allergic to smoke and prefer to use a spray version.
    • A perk using smudge spray is that you don't have to worry about ashes flying everywhere. This gives you the freedom to spray your surroundings in public places like airport/airplane, car, classrooms, and more places its not allowed to burn a bundle of sage.

      Crystal Infused Healing Properties:

      • Stone of magic + transformation + protection
      • Strengthens intuition and awakening to your inner and most deepest consciousness
      • Revealing truth behind illusions
      • Banishes fear and insecurities & strengthens trust in the Universe

      Amethyst Infused Healing Properties:

      • Transmuting negative energy into love
      • Natural tranquilizer
      • Calms the mind, which goes hand in hand with the lavender essences that promotes a sense of peace and calmness
      • Enhances spirituality and intuitiveness

          Spiritual Rosemary Benefits:

          • Lower cortisol levels aka "stress hormones"
          • Powerful cleanser & purifier of lower & negative energies
          • Cleanse and rejuvenate the mind
          • Protection + Purification
          • Encourages sense of peace in environment
          • Removes negative energy

          How to use:

          • For Face & Body:
          • Shake well and hold can 15cm from your face when spraying.
          • Spray to your face and body after shower or any time of the day.
          • For perfume:
          • Use directly onto your bed linen, apparel, in the closet, your car or spray throughout your home for an aromatic, homely scent.


          Vendor : Self Goddess

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