Self Goddess USA Third Eye Crystal Chakra Mist (Relaxing & Calming) 59ml

Product Description


  • Self Goddess


  • United States


  • 59ml
  • Lavender, Jasmine, Amethyst Infused
  • Crystal and Amethyst infused
  • Infused with 432 hz frequencies
  • Made with high vibrations and intention


  • Cleanses your aura
  • Stimulates third eye/pineal gland


  • Third eye chakra is the energy center that harnesses the energy powers of your psychic powers and intuition.
  • The oils were curated intentionally to stimulate the third eye chakra.
  • The crystal infused amethyst in the Chakra mist ties the blends together as amethyst crystals are used to enhance spirituality and intuition.
  • Ideas of when to use it: Meditation, Yoga, Self-work - Journaling, energy clearings, listening to uplifting, wisdom packed podcasts/Youtube, tuning in, Creating zen vibes, Grounding yourself, Sacred space setting or Reiki healing.

Crystal Infused Healing Properties:

  • Stone of magic + transformation + protection
  • Strengthens intuition and awakening to your inner and most deepest consciousness
  • Revealing truth behind illusions
  • Banishes fear and insecurities & strengthens trust in the Universe

Amethyst Infused Healing Properties:

  • Transmuting negative energy into love
  • Natural tranquilizer
  • Calms the mind, which goes hand in hand with the lavender essences that promotes a sense of peace and calmness
  • Enhances spirituality and intuitiveness

How to use:

  • Mist face to help tone and regenerate skin.
  • Spray to your face and body after shower or any time of the day.
  • Shake well and hold can 15cm from your face when spraying.

Vendor : Self Goddess