Full SET Wonjin SOS Water Pump EssenceMask 10pcs + Cleansing Foam 100ml

Product Description
  • Wonjin


  • Korea


  • 2pcs
  • Facial Mask 30ml x 10pcs
  • Cleansing Foam 100ml x 1


  • Deep moisture provided by hydrating sheet mask!
  • Includes special gift: Hyaluron Cleansing Foam (100ml) which moisturizes the skin , supports hydration effect to skin,micro bubble reliefs the skin irritation and cleanses up waste.
  • It provides abundant moisture with outstanding moisturizing.
  • It tightens your skin, reduces large pores and restores the skin's pH balance.

How to use:

Cleansing Foam:

  • Take appropriate amount on wet hand.
  • Add little water to create rich lather. Massage gently with circular motion on face.
  • Rinse with water.

Facial Mask:

  • After your face care routine, fit the mask for 15 mins.
  • Remove mask and massage gently for the remaining essence to be absorbed.

Vendor : Dr. Wonjin