Simmons Natural Bodycare USA Handmade Calming Soap (French Lavender) 1pc

Product Description


  • Simmons Natural Bodycare


  • United States


  • 1 pc
  • 2 Sizes:
  • Travel Size: 37g
  • Standard: 113.5g


  • Aromatically soothing. Relieve & calm nervous tension.
  • French Lavender Soap is pleasantly fragrant and soothing to your skin and senses.
  • With extra oils and lavender's fresh aromatic presence you'll begin to experience its ability to eliminate nervous tension, relieve pain, disinfect and enhance blood circulation.
  • Additionally it will sooth and help treat mild respiratory discomfort.
  • One of our most popular soaps and for a good reason, it's just a pleasure to experience.
    • Enriched with French lavender essence.
    • Best used for sooth the senses, calming and relaxing.
    • Handmade cold process soaps create rich, lathery, mild and lightly fragrant bar soaps.

      How to use:

      • Apply over the whole body during shower.
      • Rinse off with water.