Simmons Natural Bodycare USA Handmade Aroma Herbal Vapors Basic Balm (For Colds, Flu) 50g

Product Description


  • Simmons Natural Bodycare


  • United States


  • 50g


  • Soothing rub for colds, flu and allergies.
  • Breathe easy with Simmons Herbal Vapors.
  • Blended on a base of Organic olive oil, this traditional formula helps relieve congestion due to sinuses, allergies, and colds.
  • Safe for all ages.
  • Ingredients: Beeswax, Pure Tuscany Olive Oil. Essential Oils: Camphor, Peppermint, Sage, Wintergreen, Rosemary, Pine, Eucalyptus.Also useful as a muscle rub or all- purpose balm. External use only.

    How to use:

    • Take a breathe with Herbal Vapors Basic Balm as needed.
    • Or either, tap the liquid side onto a napkin or handkerchief and then smell or rub it at your nose lightly.