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Singapore Snacky & Crisps Laksa Potato Crisps 105g

Product Description
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  • Snacky & Crisps
  • Singapore


  • 105g


  • Snacky & Crisps has now reached TOP 3 in Singapore in terms of market shares and positioning for salted egg snacks.
  • Snacky & Crisps Laksa Potato Crisps is now sold in many supermarkets in Singapore. E.g Cold Storage, Fair Price and Cheers etc


  • Our premium potato crisp is infused with just the right balance of sweet and savoury flavours that brings out the distinctive aromatic scent of coconut, shrimps and spices.
  • You will also find addictive bits of flavourful taupok (fried beancurd puff) in each bag that is diligently sealed to contain the bursting Laksa flavour for a truly gastronomical experience.