Smell Lemongrass Body Massage Oil (Lavender) 120ml

Product Description


  • Smell Lemongrass


  • Thailand


  • 120ml


  • Body Massage Oil, has unique characteristics that have a great effect on the nervous system, relaxing the body, helping it easy to sleep after a hard day.
  • A calming, soothing blend of essential oils promotes a sense of well-being so sleep can come naturally.
  • The massage oil should be applied in the case of insomnia and nervousness.
  • Create around you an aura of serenity
  • Balance the nervous system
  • Massage Oil can be used for a relaxing massage before going to bed - its fragrance surrounds and relaxes, helps relieve the tension in the emotional and the physical plane.
  • Natural and safe for use by the whole family (no drugs or narcotics are used to make this product).
  • Free of artificial ingredients, fragrances, dyes, parabens, GMOs, synthetics, or harsh ingredients.

How to use:

  • Apply on your body for 5-10 mins until it's fully absorbed.
  • You can apply the massage oil whenever you want or apply it before going to bed.