Somatoline Italy 7 Nights Intensive Slimming Cream (Reduces Fat Deposits) 400ml

Product Description


  • Somatoline


  • Italy


  • 400ml


  • Somatoline Cosmetic Slimming 7 Nights Intensive Cream 400ml is an ultra intensive treatment with rapid action that offers visible results after 7 nights.
  • The new strengthened formula of this treatment contains an innovative complex highly concentrated in specific active ingredients that benefit from the particular receptivity of the skin during the night to release a complete slimming action.
  • The complex of natural active ingredients, called PhytoSlim-7 complex is constituted of marine salts, red and brown algae and is enriched in escine and pink pepper extract to offer a triple slimming action:
  • The lipolytic action enhances the reduction of fatty deposits.
  • The anti-stocking action avoids the formation of new fatty deposits.
  • The draining action enhances the elimination of liquid in excess.
  • A clinical study has been lead on 112 women having superficial light to moderated fats localized on the hips, tighs and waist. The efficiency has been measured after 7 nights of treatment:
  • The circumference of the hips is reduced up to 1,7cm after 7 nights.
  • The circumference of the hips is reduced up to 3,4cm after 4 weeks of treatment.

How to use:

  • Apply every night during at least 7 nights on the concerned areas massaging with circular motions.
  • The application can be followed during 4 weeks to double the results.

Vendor : Somatoline

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