Srichand Original Powder Wash Off Mask (Acne/Pore Care)

Product Description
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  • Srichand


  • Thailand


  • 1 box


  • The Tanaka powder with a touch of gold. Introducing double benefits of oil control and nourishing in a single step, to create a flawless and shine-free skin. Suitable for combination / oily skin.


  • Thai Herb Original Whitening Powder Mask
  • Help make clear skin face
  • Remove Acne, Pimple, Whitening Mask and Oil Control
  • For the oily skin face and person who always do activities outside.


How to use:

  • Open the package and release the powder.
  • Mix some amount of powder with water (recommended ratio of 1:2 (powder:water))
  • Mix together to form powder mask.
  • Apply on your face (avoid eyes and sensitive area), leave on for 30 minutes (or overnight if needed) then rinse off and clean your face as your normal routine.

Vendor : Srichand