Upgraded Version* Srichand Tanaka Gold Powder Wash Off Mask (Acne/Pore Care)

Product Description
HK$25.00 HK$39.00


  • Srichand


  • Thailand


  • 1 box  (Upgraded Version)


  • The Srichand company has launched a new cosmetics product which is called “Srichand Powder Tanaka”.

  • In addition to the unique oil control benefit of Srichand Powder, it also has “Tanaka”, an antioxidant rich herbal extract, and various high quality raw materials. The powder has soft texture and gentle for sensitive.

  • Srichand Complexion Powder used for oil-control preventing the cause of pimples, treating prickly heat, itches, rashes, smooth and soft skin, also skin whitening properties. There is no bleach or harmful chemicals in the product. Suitable for all skin types.

  • The Tanaka powder with a touch of gold. Introducing double benefits of oil control and nourishing in a single step, to create a flawless and shine-free skin. Suitable for combination / oily skin.

How to use:

  • Open the package and release the powder.
  • Mix some amount of powder with water (recommended ratio of 1:2 (powder:water))
  • Mix together to form powder mask.
  • Apply on your face (avoid eyes and sensitive area), leave on for 30 minutes (or overnight if needed) then rinse off and clean your face as your normal routine.

Vendor : Srichand