Srichand Translucent Compact Powder (Whitening & Oil Control) 4.5g

Product Description
HK$44.00 HK$79.00


  • Srichand


  • Thailand


  • 4.5g 


  • A compact version of the legendary translucent powder from Srichand.

  • With the unique oil control benefit, this extremely fine and silky powder sets your make up perfectly.

  • Maintain your natural matte finish look with no alteration of color, and offer your skin a long lasting shine-free day. 

  • Convenient and easy to apply.

How to use:

  • Use Translucent Compact Powder to set make up application or reveal your natural flawless look.

  • Apply Translucent Compact Powder with puff. Gently press puff on the skin all over the face and neck or use powder brush instead of puff.

  • Apply the powder many times as needed

    Vendor : Srichand