Tera Fast & Painless Anti-Wrinkle Medical Tape 20pcs

Product Description


  • Tera


  • Korea


  • 4 sheets, each sheet has 5 patches
  • Total 20pcs/box
  • Materials : cotton 72%, spandex 3%, acryl polymer 10%, ethyl Acetate 15%


  • Reduce lines and wrinkles safely and naturally
  • The removal process is fast and painless - simply peel them off, carefully.
  • This product is certified by KTR(Korea Testing & Research Institute).

How to use:

  • Before apply this patch, you should wash / clean your face.
  • Flatten the wrinkle where you want to attach the patch to.
  • Attach the patch "without stretching the patch.
  • Keep it for 30 minutes, it can keep longer for about up to 1 hour.

Vendor : Tera