Utena Premium Puresa Beauty Mask Ceramide 4pcs

Product Description
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  • Utena


  • Japan


  • 4 pieces


  • Being a member of the new series of ultra-nourishing sheet mask in the Utena family, the Premium Puresa Ceramide Beauty Mask contains different kinds of natural essence oils, which includes argan oil, macadeamia oil, rosehip oil, olive oil, jojoba oil and squalane. It features ceramide to smooth skin.
  • The formula is a balanced blend of hydrants and natural oils that can give a plump and glossy skin, just like essence.
    Besides intensely nurture your skin, the Premium Puresa Ceramide Beauty Mask contains Ceramide that can refine your skin texture.
  • As a synthetic fragrance-free, royalty-free, coloring-mineral oil-free, silicone free, UV absorbers-free and alcohol-free mask, it is safe to use.
    Vendor : Utena