Victoria's Lavender USA All Natural Anti-Inflammatory After Sun Soothing Spray (Aloe Vera & Lavender) 118ml

Product Description
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  • Victoria's Lavender


  • United States


  • 118ml


    • Cool down your skin after sun, workout, or hot flashes with this all natural spray.
    • Aloe Vera and Lavender essential oil are natural and effective anti-inflammatory agents. 
    • Use this product to take the “heat” out of over exposure to the sun. Great for hot flashes too!
    • After Sun Care: Refresh yourself after a day in the sun and especially for sunburn relief.
    • Cool down and moisturize your skin with this all natural anti-inflammatory after sun soothing spray. Safe for the whole family and pets.
    • Customers say: “this is my go to product for any sunburn, it gives me instant relief, helps my sunburn turn to a tan and smells amazing.”
    • Hot Flashes: Amazingly effective to cool down after a hot flash. just spray the face and neck for instant relief. keep on your night stand or in the refrigerator for extra cooling.
    • Post Workout: Finish your workout with a relaxing and refreshing body mist.

                How to use:

                •  Safe to spritz all over your face and body, mist freely after soaking up the rays.