Victoria's Lavender USA All Natural Don’t Bug Me Mosquito & Bug Repellent Spray 59ml

Product Description
HK$89.00 HK$139.00


  • Victoria's Lavender


  • United States


  • 59ml


    • Gently protect yourself and your children with Victoria's Lavender Don’t Bug Me Mosquito Repellent Spray!
    • This effective bug repellent spray is made from only natural ingredients. It’s safe for the whole family because we use no harmful chemicals like other bug sprays.
    • Made with an aloe vera base and lavender essential oil, along with 9 other Essential oils. Our formula is known to repel insects like mosquitoes and black flies.
    • Available in travel sizes so you can take it with you on your next tropical vacation!
    • “Don’t Bug Me” has a pleasant fragrance, so you can get the protection you need without any harsh odors.

              How to use:

              • Apply spray on exposed skin every 1-2 hours.