Victoria's Lavender USA Anti-Bacterial Floral Room Fragrance Spray (Lavender Rosemary) 120ml

Product Description


  • Victoria's Lavender


  • United States


  • 120ml


    • Lavender is the most versatile of all essential oils. The fragrance is calming, relaxing and balancing.
    • Similar plants, Lavender and Rosemary blend beautifully together.
    • Lavender Rosemary Room Fragrance is made with therapeutic grade lavender essential oil.
    • Lavender has anti-bacterial properties so it doesn’t just cover up odors but actually cleans the air. Non-aerosol spray makes it safe for the environment.
    • Keep this lavender rosemary room fragrance spray on hand to refresh stale air or to clear airborne germs when someone in the house is ill. Some customers use it instead of Febreze as a more natural way to eliminate odors.

        How to use:

        • Use directly onto your bed linen, apparel, in the closet, your car or spray throughout your home for an aromatic, homely scent.