Victoria's Lavender USA Large Size All Natural Don’t Bug Me Mosquito & Bug Repellent Balm Stick 75g

Product Description
HK$129.00 HK$199.00


  • Victoria's Lavender


  • United States


  • 75g (Large Size)


    • Gently protect yourself and your children with Victoria's Lavender Don’t Bug Me Mosquito Repellent Balm Stick!
    • An effective all natural bug repellent moisturizing stick made with 9 different essential oils that help repel the bugs.
    • This convenient all natural bug repellent stick is designed to last longer on your skin.
    • Use when doing water activities, on children, during exercise, etc.  
    • A healthy, chemical free alternative to the commercial products on the market.

            How to use:

            • Apply to entire area of skin to be protected.