VT Cosmetics Super Hyalon Sun Spray SPF50+ PA+++ 150ml

Product Description
  • VT Cosmetics 


  • Korea


  • 150ml

Product Description:

  • Moisturising sun spray that protects the skin from strong UV rays and provides a refreshing and cool feeling to the skin without cloudiness, helping to block UV rays and care for moisture.
  • Rich moisturizing ingredients *Gamma polyglutamic acid (γ-PGA) and *8 types of hyaluronic acid are added to help dry skin with moisture and moisturizing film formation, which is a VT moisture boosting ingredient that covers the skin with a subtle moisture glow.
  • It is a sun spray type that can be easily used anytime, anywhere.
  • It is layered transparently without cloudiness even when sprayed multiple times.
  • It is not sticky and has a light and refreshing finish.
  • Helps skin whitening and wrinkle improvement, and provides healthy UV care by filling DME gas that is harmless to the human body.

How to use:

  • Shake the container sufficiently before use and spray it on arms, legs, and neck that are easily exposed to UV rays at a distance of about 20cm.
  • Do not spray near the face.

Vendor : VT Cosmetics