VT Cosmetics Think Your Teeth Organic Toothpaste (Extra Brightening Care) 50g

Product Description
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  • VT Cosmetics


  • Korea


  • 50g (Brightening Care)


  • VT toothpate is formulated with wholesome organic ingredients.
  • 7 Free: No benzoic acid, No paraben, No saccharine, No Talc colorant, No fine plastic, No animal ingredients, No mineral oil.
  • Helps maintain fresh breath
  • Prevents tooth decay and bad breath
  • Whiten your teeth 
  • This toothpaste is adults and kids friendly!


    How to use:

    • Use only a pea-sized amount of toothpaste on toothbrush.

    • Gently brush the teeth and gum.

    • Rinse with clean water. Brush teeth thoroughly at least twice a day.

    • Not to be swallowed. 

    Vendor : VT Cosmetics