White Rock Soap Gallery USA Vegan Anti Aging All Natural Moroccan Aka Red Clay Soap (Orange & Bergamot) 110g

Product Description


  • White Rock Soap Gallery


  • United States


  • 110g


  • This 100% natural premium soap base now with the renowned power of Moroccan (Rhassoul) Red Clay!
  • Moroccan Rhassoul clay (aka Red Clay) is a naturally occurring clay that has been in use for centuries.
  • It is very rich in naturally occurring minerals and is an exceptional ingredient in skin and hair care products.
  • “Rhassoul” derives from the Arabic word for washing, “Rhassala.” It has been highly regarded for its incomparable ability to absorb impurities from the skin and hair while imparting highly beneficial and readily absorbed minerals.
  • According to findings from various studies, Moroccan Red Clay has been shown to lessen dryness, enhance skin clarity/elasticity and have extractive abilities (It removes surface oil and oil from inside and around clogged hair follicles) that confiscate impurities and unblock pores (even stubborn blackheads) resulting in a general smoothing of the surface skin.

  • With aging comes natural mineral depletion from your skin, Rhassoul clay is very rich in minerals such as Magnesium 25%, Sodium2.3%, Calcium 2.34%, Aluminum 2.47%, Silica 58% and Iron 0.64%. Moroccan Rhassoul clay hence is very vital in replenishing the depleted stores of these minerals which are responsible multiple skin benefits.
  • When used on hair, Red Moroccan Clay cleanses while removing impurities, and leaves hair bouncy and voluminous.
  • Our small batch soap base is crafted from all natural cold processed Olive, Almond, Castor, Coconut, and Palm oils with pure essential oils. This process helps to maintain the natural glycerin which makes it extremely moisturizing unlike commercial store bought soaps.

    How to use: 

    • Apply over the whole body during shower.
    • Rinse off with water.

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