WineBlock USA Natural Wine Anti Stain Preventing Lip & Teeth Balm 8ml

Product Description


  • WineBlock


  • United States


  • 8ml


  • Don't be caught with "wine smile". WineBlock is the world's 1st, on-the-go, red wine stain preventing lip & teeth balm. 
  • It prevents that dreaded purple hue you get on your lips & teeth after drinking your favourite glass of red wine. 
  • Made with tannin and acid blocking agents that protect your mouth from red wine stains. 
  • It can also be used as a heavy-duty lip balm when your lip needs moisture.
  • With one swipe of our clear, all-natural, plant-based formula to your lips and teeth before you drink wine, you are protected from the embarrassment of wine smile.
  • A blend of ingredients like coconut oil and rosemary leaf extract moisturize your smile, while tannin- and acid-blocking agents prevent stains from developing on teeth and lips. 
  • It's great for work events, weddings, wine tastings, a night out on the town, or at home if you want to protect your teeth from staining.
  • WineBlock works to prevent the yellowing that white wine leaves behind too. 
  • Side note: All teeth are different. Everyone’s enamel is different. Some wines stain more than others. You may need to use more than a dime sized amount on your teeth and/or apply every half glass of wine to receive the best results of WineBlock. 

How to use:

  • Before enjoying wine, apply a dime sized amount to your teeth. 
  • Smooth over upper and lower teeth with tongue. 
  • Next apply to your lips like a lip balm.
  • Reapply before each glass.


Vendor : WineBlock