Yanhee Cleansing Gel (By Yanhee Hospital) 50g

Product Description
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  • Yanhee (by Yanhee Hospital Health Beauty)


  • Thailand


  • 50g


  • Yanhee Cleansing Gel is specifically formulated by Yanhee Hospital to clean facial skin delicately and enable a clear and brightened skin!
  • Nourish the skin to become smooth and soft without damage to skin cells!
  • Yanhee Cleansing Gel is a light foaming gel
  • Thoroughly clean your face to make it spick and span
  • Prevent acne and wrinkle to enable a younger looking skin
  • Nourish skin cells to become healthy and flexible
  • Reduce acne and lighten skin redness or blemish
  • Remove excess oil and retain skin moisture
  • Fragrance-free and can be used with any skin conditions
  • Can be used as a cleansing gel to wash faces or used to remove make-up

How to use:

  • Yanhee Cleansing Gel can be used to clean facial skin as many times as you want or to remove make-up.
Vendor : Yanhee