EXPIRED (01/10/2022) Grace Natural Aloe Crystal Deodorant 70g

EXPIRED (01/10/2022) Grace Natural Aloe Crystal Deodorant 70g - LMCHING Group Limited

EXPIRED (01/10/2022) Grace Natural Aloe Crystal Deodorant 70g

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ราคาปกติ HK$99.00 ราคาหลังส่วนลด HK$10.00 ประหยัดไปได้ HK$89
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  • Grace


  • ไทย


  •  70g

Expiry Date

  • 1 Jan 2022
  • The product is formulated with ammonium alum, a natural mineral salt that eliminates the bacteria which cause body odour.

  • Enriched with natural aloe vera extract.

  • Grace deodorant crystals are well-known in many countries as effective and affordable deodorants. They do not reduce or stop perspiration but effectively prevent odour caused by the bacterial breakdown of sweat by eliminating the bacteria.

  • Grace deodorants do not plug sweat gland ducts and do not make them constrict so they don't cause irritation or inflammation. 

  • Despite its small size, Grace's Aloe Crystal Deodorant lasts long.

  • The product is very convenient and can be used any time, anywhere. All you have to do is slightly moisten the top of the crystal and apply it to clean skin.

  • The deodorant dries instantly and does not leave your skin greasy or sticky.

  • Due to its compact size, it fits perfectly even in a small purse so you can take it with you anywhere you go.

  • Slightly moisten the top of the stick and apply gently to clean skin. For best results, apply right after showering or bathing and use daily. 
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