Does Coffee Trigger Acne?


1. Milk and sugar in coffee drinks cause acne


Coffee drinks frequently contain milk and sugar. Milk is probably the #1 worst thing you could eat for acne, and sugar is right up there, spiking your blood sugar, boosting inflammation/redness/swelling of acne, making your skin over-produce oil, depressing your immune system, and damaging your skin cells through glycation.


2. Coffee makes you crave sweets (which cause acne)


Coffee boosts stress hormones, which stimulate cravings for sweet, calorie dense foods and salty, high-carbohydrate snacks, which are a recipe for acne.


When you’re drinking coffee every day, it’s much more difficult to say “no” to these cravings, and you end up eating more junk than you otherwise would. The big problem is that these junk foods – chips, cookies, candy, sweets, pastries, etc. – really trigger acne in a bad way. They’re basically made entirely out of different combinations of the top four acne triggers – milk/dairy, gluten, sugar, and vegetable oil.


Avoiding coffee entirely is the best way to let your appetite regulate itself naturally – you’ll find it much easier to avoid problematic acne-causing foods by ditching coffee.


3. Coffee interferes with absorption of minerals from food


When you drink coffee with a meal (or close to a meal), it impairs your body’s ability to absorb minerals from your food. That’s a really big potential issue for acne sufferers, because acne can be worsened by deficiencies in minerals like zinc, selenium, and iron.


In fact, one study found that drinking coffee with a meal (or up to 1 hour after eating) impaired iron absorption by a whopping 72%!


Avoiding coffee will help your body absorb more minerals from your food, which are absolutely key to clearing acne and maintaining clear skin.

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