For hundreds of thousands of years, humans did not brush their teeth. Why do we brush them now?




Back in the day, there were no processed food items, fast-food or take-out. The diet in those times consisted of all natural and unprocessed foods, such as wheat, rice, vegetables and fruits. These natural and pure foods were quite safe since they did not contain any preservatives or chemicals, and they contained nutrients and vitamins that made the teeth stronger and more resistant against cavities and other dental infections.


Fibrous Food


In ancient times, a large part of the daily diet consisted of fibrous foods, which were not only good for digestion but also kept the teeth clean and healthy by flushing away food and bacterial debris from the surface of the teeth. As a result, dental plaque would not develop. The fibers in the food acted as a toothbrush to keep the teeth squeaky clean and shiny white.



What Changed Today?


If we forget to brush our teeth just for a single day, our teeth become visibly yellow, and a thick layer of dental plaque is visible on our teeth. This is because our eating habits have drastically changed. These days, many people tend to eat processed foods that are not only harmful to our health but are also quite detrimental to our teeth. Some examples:




In addition to staining our teeth, smoking has also been linked to the development of oral cancer. Smoking is so common these days, but most people tend to neglect the facts about the harmful effects of cigarette fumes on the teeth and overall health.



Sweets & Baked Goods


Bakery items, chocolates, and candies contain refined and simple sugars that can cause cavities very quickly unless you brush your teeth after every time you satisfy your craving for sweets. We have so many delicious baked items available these days, that they’re nearly impossible to avoid. Macarons, Muffins, Cronuts, Bagels, Mini-Cupcakes — who can resist? But now more than ever we are exposed to sugary foods that can cause detriment to our teeth.





Carbonated drinks are highly acidic, and can lead to the demineralization and weakening of the teeth. In addition, these drinks contain excessive amounts of sugars that enhance the development of cavities in the teeth.

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