Product Review by our cutomers!


Olive Young Gel Gloves/Socks are one of our customers favourite products!

They whiten and smoothen your hands and feet after use. 

With Lavender Oil added into the gloves and socks, they make you smell good as well! HKD $39 each! 



Beauty Blogger Rachel Recommends :

Laneige Water Pocket Sheet Mask & SNP Shark Fin Real Aqua 3-Step Mask!



Pictured above is the 

Laneige Water Pocket Sheet Mask. HKD $18 per piece!

Rachel loves this mask because it clings on firmly to her skin upon application. Her skin feels supple and thoroughly moisturised after using the Laneige masks!



Pictured above is the

SNP Shark Fin Real Aqua 3-Step Mask!

Rachel finds her face firmer after trying out the mask! HKD $15 per piece!

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