Lebelage 24K Gold Perfect Ampoule 50ml

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Lebelage 24K Gold Perfect Ampoule 50ml

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  • Lebelage


  • Korea


  • 50ml
    • It contains 99% colloidal gold, which helps fight age-related skin changes, deeply moisturizes and gives it elasticity.
    • Quickly absorbed, adjust skin tone without irritation.
    • The extract of centella asiatica and cordyceps extract will give the skin a healthy and rested appearance.
    • Moisturizing and vitality: Ampoule containing cactus stem extract not only nourish but also maintains skin's moisturizing ability to prevent dryness and care for moist skin.
    • Gotu Kola extract and Centella asiatica will help keep skin healthy and rested.
    • The serum, when applied, is absorbed into the skin quickly, not sticky.
    • Apply and feel comfortable on the skin, suitable for girls who want to nourish and restore facial skin for everyday life.
    • Use after toner. Apply over the face regularly, morning – before bedtime.