Daycell Let's Slim Perfect Body Cream 180ml

Daycell Let&

Daycell Let's Slim Perfect Body Cream 180ml

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  • Daycell


  • Korea


  • 180ml
  • To lift and firm body outline.
  • Body temperature will be raised and slight sweating caused. It enhances metabolism and erases poison substance in the body.
  • Let's Slim Cream accelerates your metabolism in the calf and lower leg region and inhibits the development, growth and tightening of your calf muscles to achieve balanced and shapely looking calves. 
  • Squeeze about 2-3 cm blob of Let's Slim Cream over your palm. 
  • Gently massage the cream over your calves in up-down motions for 3-5mins. Relax your calf and feel the cream gently soothes your skin and massages your muscles. Continue with another round as required.
  • Let's Slim Cream may be applied any time of the day.
  • For best results, apply before bed time or when you feel tightening of your calf muscles especially after prolong exercise. 
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