Below is our policy regarding how we review products in our blog posts. We will continue to update or amend this policy as required by law or as necessary.

1. Our Operational Methodology

We have assembled a team of researchers and evaluators, individuals who have received specialized training in their respective fields. Their mission is to delve into the market, gather information, conduct research, and provide assessments on a wide range of products and services. Our evaluation process unfolds as follows:

We deploy our research team to access the market (for example, places where you shop or where skincare and body care products are available); they participate in online forums, track trends, update industry news, and focus on product highlights. Additionally, our research team reaches out to individuals who have previously used the products in question to gather information and provide the most objective evaluations.

Subsequently, our research team compiles the collected data to identify and select skincare or body care products that deserve attention. The team's choices are based on criteria including credibility, popularity, user reviews, and more. The time required for data compilation and the presentation of core product information typically ranges from 1 week to 1 month, depending on the volume of information.

When the research and assessments are completed, the final list of items is compiled. Our editors then meticulously review and prepare it for publication on the website.

In some cases, when a product sample lacks information, we visit the store and make a purchase or use it as a regular customer would to evaluate it. For products with available information, our research team initiates a comprehensive evaluation process, covering most of the aspects you would want to know. This ensures that we can identify and communicate the strengths and weaknesses of each product.

Furthermore, we employ a system (which means we utilize a set of complex algorithms) and proprietary techniques in the information retrieval process to accurately record and rank data.

2. How we maintain credibility and provide objective evaluations

The three criteria we consistently adhere to when conducting evaluations are 'Objectivity - Completeness - Accuracy,' with the aim of providing you with the best and most suitable choices based on your needs.

We take your interests seriously and prioritize them. Therefore, we keep our research team (our evaluators) and the entities with products/services featured on the website separate and independent from each other, ensuring that they can always offer the most objective evaluations.

3. How we regularly update our evaluations

Regularly updating information about skincare and body care products on the LMChing website is always of paramount importance to us. Our research team continues to investigate and refine evaluations on a daily basis to create comprehensive review articles.