I have been afforded the luxury of using European skincare brands since I was young, as my father was paying for them.


After graduating from university, I had to start paying for my own facial products. It was then I realized how expensive they actually were, and that realistically, I could not afford them with my own salary. 


I had to seek cheaper alternatives, but did not want to compromise on quality. Then I discovered the more economical Korean brands of skincare products.


Ever since my discovery, I started researching more on those brands, and decided to share my personal experience by starting my own company in Hong Kong selling these amazing products.


I believe that the more affordable skin and facial care products that have benefited me, will similarly help all those out there who do not want to spend too much on their personal upkeep and grooming.


Since inception, our company has expanded retail sales to over 145 countries.


In addition to the online retail space, we provide wholesale pricing to other businesses in over 300 retail locations around the world.


LMCHING provides a wide range of choices, with more than 500 brands and over 5000 unique products in our store.


We are not only competitive on pricing, but also strive our best to pay special attention to our customer's needs and shopping experience.


I sincerely hope that our customers will see the benefits that our products bring them, just like they did for me!


Hope you have a fun and enjoyable time shopping on LMCHING!




LMCHING Group Limited,