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The Quarters Salted Egg Aioli 200g is now available at our store!



The retail price for the sauce in Singapore is $14 SGD which is approximately $90 HKD. We are only selling at $88 HKD at our store now!



The aioli is a blend of mayonnaise, curry leaves, and salted egg yolks. It goes well with any food.

You can add this salted egg aioli in any dishes eg fried foods, fried rice, any protein (chicken, pork, beef, crabs, prawns), pasta, or even for pastries and desserts

There are definitely more ways you can infuse your menu with salted egg yolk. For example, you can think of including it in salad dressings, soup toppings, and even in side dishes.


For more details, please check this link:

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The Gargle Mouthwash, with a new updated packaging, has arrived at our store!


Retail price for the The Gargle Mouthwash 250ml expiring in Feb 2021 will be @ HKD$28 per bottle.


For purchases of 40 bottles (1 carton) or above, you will only pay HKD$23.80 per bottle, down from its retail price of HKD$28


Don't forget to apply coupon code ''gargle1box'' at checkout to enjoy the discount for purchases of 40 bottles or more!



Above is the certificate of distributorship issued by the manufacturer of The Gargle Mouthwash 250ml on 5 January 2018.



Above is the document issued by The Manufacturer for the change of packaging of The Gargle Mouthwash on 6th February 2018.


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