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Sponsorships for students from The University of Hong Kong

Students from The University of Hong Kong affirming the effectiveness of The Gargle mouthwash!


Picture taken by The Dental Society of HKU


Picture taken by The Japanese Society during the welfare and culture week



Picture taken by The Social Sciences Society of HKU


  • Ching Yee Wong

Snacky & Crisps Salted Egg Fish Skin & Laksa Potato Crisps is now available at our store!

We are retailing both Salted Egg Fish Skin 105g and Laksa Potato Crisps 105g at $65 HKD now!



Snacky & Crisps has now reached TOP 3 in Singapore in terms of market shares and positioning for salted egg snacks.


Snacky & Crisps products are now sold in many supermarkets in Singapore. E.g Cold Storage, Fair Price and Cheers etc



Singapore Snacky & Crisps Salted Egg Fish Skin 105g @ $65HKD



Singapore Snacky & Crisps Laksa Potato Crisps 105g @ $65HKD



For more details, please check this link:

  • LMCHING Group