[Review] Medi Peel Naite Thread Neck Cream (Naite Thread Neck Cream 100ml Review) 2023

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One of the areas of the skin that undergoes the most changes when entering the aging process is the neck area. Therefore, using specialized products to eliminate signs of aging on the neck is a crucial step. In this article, we offer a practical review of Peel Naite Thread Neck Cream to provide you with the most useful information.

1. An Introduction to the Medi Peel Brand

An Introduction to the Medi Peel Brand

Medi-Peel is a skincare brand developed by over 100 South Korean aesthetic experts. Established in 2007, its primary goal is to find solutions to improve skin issues and provide a more systematic approach to skincare. The company is committed to ensuring customer satisfaction by rigorously adhering to ISO 9001 and 14001 quality standards for all of its products.

Medi Peel is a high-quality cosmetics brand specialized in professional skincare services and international exports. With top-quality ingredients and advanced manufacturing technology, Medi Peel products effectively regulate skin renewal, reduce wrinkles, and enhance skin elasticity.

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2. Medi peel naite thread neck cream review

Medi peel naite thread neck cream review

2.1. Design of the Medi Peel Naite Thread Neck Cream

Medi Peel Naite Thread Neck Cream boasts a minimalist design, predominantly white with striking black lettering. The key product information is emphasized in red by the Medi Peel brand. Thanks to its minimalist yet elegant design, the Medi Peel Naite Thread Neck Cream consistently earns customer appreciation. Furthermore, this cream comes in a generous 100ml size, ensuring long-lasting use.

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2.2. Main Ingredients of Medi Peel Naite Thread Neck Cream

Main Ingredients of Medi Peel Naite Thread Neck Cream

1. Palmitoyl Tripeptide-5

With its prominent ingredient, Palmitoyl Tripeptide-5 – a patented component developed by DSM in Switzerland, Palmitoyl Tripeptide-5 works by stimulating collagen production in skin cells, helping to firm the skin, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and fill in fine lines, thereby restoring the skin's natural elasticity.

2. Hydrolyzed collagen

Medi Peel Naite Thread Neck Cream contains a hydrolyzed collagen formula that breaks down collagen molecules into smaller fragments, facilitating easier absorption into skin cells compared to regular collagen. Hydrolyzed collagen also boasts a higher concentration of nourishing nutrients and greater purity, simultaneously aiding in the building and regeneration of connective tissues, slowing down the formation of wrinkles on the neck area, and enhancing skin elasticity.

3. Niacinamide

At the same time, Medi Peel Naite Thread Neck Cream contains Niacinamide combined with Adenosine to support the skin's natural collagen production, enhancing elasticity and firmness. Additionally, the formula includes effective soothing extracts, such as centella asiatica extract, which possesses properties to prevent harmful free radicals and provide effective antibacterial and anti-inflammatory benefits.

4. Aloe vera extract

When combined with aloe vera extract, it effectively stimulates the activity of protein-degrading enzymes in the skin tissue, encouraging fibroblast cells to produce collagen, resulting in firmer skin. Moreover, aloe vera also acts as an efficient moisturizing agent, enhancing the skin's ability to retain moisture.

2.3. Product Texture

Medi Peel Naite Thread Neck Cream features a relatively dense texture that contains numerous beneficial nutrients for effective neck care. Despite its thick consistency, this moisturizing cream absorbs quite rapidly, leaving no sticky sensation and fully penetrating the skin within approximately 1-2 minutes after application.

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2.4. Target Users for Medi Peel Naite Thread Neck Cream

Target Users for Medi Peel Naite Thread Neck Cream

- Suitable for the neck area.

- Intended for the neck area that has begun to show signs of aging, such as wrinkles and sagging.

- Ideal for those who want to use an anti-aging product and provide specialized care for the neck area.

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2.5. Personal Experience with Medi Peel Naite Thread Neck Cream

*Note: The following personal experience is from a customer who purchased and used our product. This customer has granted us permission to publish their testimonial in this article.

Regarding its texture, this product has a rather dense consistency, so it's advisable to use a small amount. Using too much can result in a longer absorption time for Medi Peel Naite Thread Neck Cream and may feel somewhat heavy on the skin.

I incorporated Medi Peel Naite Thread Neck Cream into my daily skincare routine for my neck and hands over a period of two months. In the first week, my neck area appeared brighter by approximately 0.5 to 1 shade. After one month, the wrinkles on my neck began to fade, and the skin in the neck area became firmer.

For those entering the aging phase of their skin, I would recommend considering this product to improve sagging skin and prevent the appearance of wrinkles. However, one drawback of this product is its large volume, which can make it challenging to carry while traveling or on business trips. Additionally, when using Medi Peel Naite Thread Neck Cream, it's crucial to apply sunscreen regularly to the neck area.

Personal Experience with Medi Peel Naite Thread Neck Cream

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3. Customers reviewing Medi Peel Naite Thread Neck Cream

Customer 1: Name is hidden per the customer's request

“I am satisfied with the cream. It moisturizes very well and leaves a pleasant feeling. It has a peculiar consistency, but it is not sticky, no scent. With regular use, you can see how the skin smooths out and plumps up. Since I also apply it on my hands, my friends immediately asked me what I put on. The size of the package is very good for the price. I definitely will order again.”

Customer 2: Name is hidden per the customer's request

“So far, so good. I had been looking at several different neck treatments, and purchased this one based on the reviews. Easy to apply, noted a light tingling sensation after the first use. Not irritating, and dissipated quickly. Skin feels moisturized, tightened, and definitely firmer. (early 40s, dry and sensitive skin.)”

Customer 3: Priscilla A.

“I've been looking for something to tighten up my neck a bit. I KNOW there is NO magic product to completely make it go away but this is pretty good. I've been using it day and night for w week or longer now and I think it seems to be helping some. It is a sticky consistency but not bad.. if I want to make if thinner I just wet my hands. BUT I really think the thickness helps it to tighten your neck. I would recommend tryin it.”

Customer 4: Name is hidden per the customer's request

“I have only been using this product for a few days so I can't speak to the long term results. What I can say is that this cream has an interesting consistency. It does feel a bit sticky when you first apply it, but that fades. My neck feels very hydrated and soft, a little goes a long way. I look forward to seeing how this transitions my skin.”

Customer 5: Hongying

"It's sticky and moist. I use it with two pills of vitamin E, stir it and apply it on my neck, wrap it in plastic wrap for 20 minutes, then massage for two minutes, and finally wipe off the excess essence with a cotton pad. The effect is pretty good.”

Furthermore, you can watch a detailed review of the Medi Peel Naite Thread Neck Cream product in this video:

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