G9SKIN Honey Eye Patch 60pcs

G9SKIN Honey Eye Patch 60pcs - LMCHING Group

G9SKIN Honey Eye Patch 60pcs

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  • 60pcs
  • This eye patch contains 1,000PPM honey extract and proplis to provide moisturizing, nourishing and firming effects.
  • Discover the secret of youthful eyes! The eye mask deeply revitalizes the skin around eyes area.
  • It restores elasticity and reduces the aging signs, let you regain the youthful vitality of the eyes!
  • Smoothing and firming: Effectively improve fine lines and slack, improve elasticity and make eye skin smoother and fuller. 
  • After washing your face, apply the patches for 20-30 minutes.
  • Remove the patches and dab the remaining essence until absorbed by skin.
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