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An old phrase says, "a good perfume makes you feel present, even if you are absent," and these fragrances ably prove this claim. Foellie Inner Beauty Feminine women's perfumes offer various scents that match your personality.

Perfumes for women and men are a valued and necessary item nowadays. The variety of scents we can obtain for each oil perfumery piece gives off those fresh and harmonic fragrances that make us feel sexy's. I plead guilty because I can not be without perfume, and I confess that I have different scents for other occasions.

Essential characteristics of Foellie Inner Beauty Feminine oil perfumes.
You can go from the simplest to a sweet and light fragrance after a bath. Or also, enjoy an intense floral for a night out. Therefore, I can confidently tell you my experience with Foellie Inner Beauty Feminine oil perfumes.

These oil-based perfumes successfully eliminate foul odors caused by menstruation, maintaining our beauty and personal care.

Female perfume for underwear
It is a female perfume for underwear that comes in 5ml presentations. Yes, you read that right, its different fragrances will help you hide the smell of those days that are so hard to wear.

They have eight different fragrances for any woman. Get your perfume for women more in line with your personality to complement your daily life.

Why do I feel comfortable wearing Foellie Inner Beauty Feminine oil perfumes?
Ladies, we know how annoying it is to be in our days with those discomforts, mood swings, and, worst, the bad smell. More than once, we doubt and feel that everything smells, period. That's why I want to give you my vote of confidence and share my experience using Foellie Inner Beauty Feminine oily perfumes.

The instructions for use are simple, drop two drops on the sanitary napkin to avoid unpleasant odors caused by the period. What I liked most about this product is that it is a long-lasting perfume for women that will give you the confidence you need on those difficult days, and the best thing is that it is allergy free.

And I'm not going to lie to you, one thing I've been comfortable with is Foellie Inner Beauty women's fragrances for women. It's being able to wear my fragrance daily in my underwear, giving me confidence, security, and attitude. All you have to do is drop two drops on your underwear, and presto, you are ready for your day.

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