W.DRESSROOM Dress & Living Clear Perfume (No.97 April Cotton Lily) 70ml

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Are you looking for the best women's perfume? W.DRESSROOM dress and living clear perfume is one of the fantastic perfumes for womens that you can enjoy. It has a natural and soft scent that you can use for your room, kitchen, bedroom, and workplace. It enhances the fragrance in women's rooms. 

W.DRESSROOM is designed by the Korean designer Bum Seok Choi. You can get a wide range of home fragrances, air fresheners, perfumes, mists, and body perfumes according to your choice. 

The W.DRESSROOM dress and living unmistakable perfume have top fragrances, including lime, Anise, Pear, clove, and Bergamot. Moreover, it has the mild flavors of lily, violet, and must or amber as the base fragrances. It will give a smooth and refreshing feel to your room that blows the wind of unwanted scents in the room. 

The W.DRESSROOM has fantastic properties that make it stand out among all other perfumes.


W.DRESSROOM has durable active ingredients that give long-lasting scents. It has an incredible floral scent you want to retain for longer. You can get the smell for more than any perfume's usual time. Durability is the key feature of W.DRESSROOM dress and living perfume, among many other scents. The durable smell will help you to take advantage of its active ingredients and keep the environment clean from foul odors. It enhances the feeling of relaxing scents.   

Relieves stress

If you have a slightly down day, wear a good perfume to elevate your mood. W.DRESSROOM has the potential to reduce stress levels and give an elevated mood. Once you apply the perfume, it will entirely change your mental condition, and you will start relaxing. The durable scent will retain your relaxing conditions for a longer time. You can focus on your daily work more effectively and enjoy your daily life.  

Enhance your personality

W.DRESSROOM enhances your personality features. If you want to eliminate foul odors and improve your personality, then focus on how you smell. The floral scent of Dressroom dresses and living perfume will help you to smell good at gatherings. So you can get effective bouquets that will give you confidence. You can use it in your vehicle, toilet, or bedroom to keep the environment fresh for longer time. Ensure to spray a few pumps before gathering and see the magic. 

Freshen up your mood

W.DRESSROOM will freshen up your mood when you are in a bad mood. It will give you active floral scents that lighten the stress hormones. You will start feeling better with the good perfume scent in your workplace. It will help to focus on your work with a clean environment. 

Get the best perfume from W.DRESSROOM and the best scent in the market. It will enhance the room environment to elevate your mood.


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