Set of 5 DermaAngel Taiwan Acne Pimple Ultra Thinness Healing Patch (For Day) 18pcs/box (90pcs)

Product Description
HK$125.00 HK$345.00


  • DermaAngel


  • Taiwan


  • Healing Patch (For Day) x 5 boxes - 18pcs/box (Total 90pcs)
  • 18 pcs: 0.01cm size x 18ea
  • 100% hydrocolloid dressing

Day Acne Patch vs Night Acne Patch:

  • Day Acne Patch: Highly invisible, perfectly fit for day.
  • Night Acne Patch: Nurture all night to absorb pus and heal your acne faster.


  • Ultra thinness: Acne patch less than 0.02cm, the most thinnest patch in market!
  • It’s thick on the inside and thin on the outside, making the patch almost undetectable on the skin.


  • Ultra thinness The ultra-thin edges have an average thickness of 0.01cm, making the patch almost undetectable on the skin.
  • Hydrocolloid materials work like a sponge to absorb pus and oil.
  • They act as a protective cover, reducing the urge to squeeze or pick at a blemish, help wound to heal faster.
  • Concealment: Translucent, thin exterior and thick interior of patented design make acne highly invisible, and make-up friendly.
  • Protection: Next-generation hydrocolloid material effectively absorbs secretions, promoting wound healing.
  • Isolation: It avoids hand touching the acne from being infected and prevents from external pollutants.
  • Breathability: PU outer film is breathable and waterproof to prevent the breeding of the germs.
  • Convenience: The central tear-off line prevents unwanted materials from touching your hands. It is safe and hygienic, and does not have ragged edges.

How to use:

  • After cleansing, clean the wound area and let it dry thoroughly.
  • Remove the patch from the film and attach it to the center of the wound area.
  • Press for 2 ~ 3 seconds.
  • If the surface of the patch is flattened by the exudation of the wound and the patch is swollen white, you can remove or replace it.
  • All-day acne care, even while you’re swimming, washing your face, or putting on makeup.


  • Q1, What is the different between DermaAngel acne patch and others?
  • A1, 1. Thin exterior and thick interior of patented design and super thin edge within <0.02cm can fit the skin perfectly, make acne high invisible, and easy for makeup.
  • 2. Convenient to use and no need accessory by easy tearing design.
    Translucent, highly invisible, perfectly fit, and not easily to fall off, especially good for makeup.
  • Q2, Does the ingredient of acne patch contain drugs?
  • A2, Acne treatment by DermaAngel acne patch is safe physical way, non-drug properties, non-irritating, and won’t worry about side effects.

Vendor : DermaAngel