Cemoy Australia 21 Day Renew Serum (Skin Firming) 21pcs

Product Description


  • Cemoy


  • Australia


  • 2ml x 21pcs


  • Cemoy 21-Day Renew Serum Is Based On Probiotic Technology, Which Combats Key Signs Of The Ageing Process And Allows The Skin To Effectively Renew Itself.

  • Formulated with 2 kinds of plant stem cells extract for skin firming and radiance care.
  • Anti Aging ingredients helps fortify an intact skin barrier to retain moisture, promoting supple, protected skin.
  • Highly moisturizing beauty Serum with luxurious feel of use and moisturizing sensation.

How to use:

  • Separate bags, use of one bag per night.

Vendor : Cemoy