SET of 4 Foellie Inner Beauty Feminine Perfume 5ml x 3 Flavours + Inner Rosemary Cleanser 100ml x1

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  • Foellie Inner Beauty Feminine Perfume (Fresh Sea) 5ml x1
  • Foellie Inner Beauty Feminine Perfume (Lovely Floral) 5ml x1
  • Foellie Inner Beauty Feminine Perfume (Soft Musk Scent) 5ml x1
  • Foellie Luvilady Inner Beauty Feminine Perfume Cleanser (Rosemary) 100ml

Foellie Inner Beauty Feminine Perfume 5ml x3 Flavours


  • Sweet fragrance with an elegant and deep-loving sensation.
  • Made with 6 herb extracts and 6 vegetable oils.
  • Keeps the intimate areas clean and maintains a healthy PH balance.
  • Inner Perfume has an antibacterial effect and reduces overall stress while removing unwanted odors and leaving a refreshing sensation.
  • Prevents vaginitis, reduces harmful bacteria, and deodorizes unpleasant body odors.
  • Contain no high-risk 8-grade fragrance (Allergy-free)

How to use:

  • Daily: Drop it one or two times onto the underwear.
  • During menstrual: Drop one or two times on the sanitary napkin.

Foellie Luvilady Inner Beauty Feminine Perfume Cleanser (Rosemary) 100ml


  • Luvilady Feminine Inner Cleanser is a health beauty item that manages not only the beauty but also the inexplicable distress in me. 
  • Resolves odor and secretion troubles, helps to manage elasticity, protects from bacteria with weak acidity. 
  • This rose scent inner cleanser contains natural rosemary oil, which helps improve memory and concentration, is a popular scent for woman who are always stressed and tired.
  • It also contains sunflower seed oil, which has the ability to soften and emulsify the skin, maintains and protects skin moisture.
  • Mild female daily cleanser with foam bubble .
  • Hypoallergenic and gentle on your skin.
  • Prevention of vaginitis.
  • Keeps the intimate areas clean and maintains healthy PH balance.

How to use:

  • Wash your hands before using this.
  • Pump 2-3 times.
  • Cleanse your intimate area and rinse with water.


Vendor : Foellie