Goodgod Taiwan Flowers Herbal Pain Relief Essential Oil Herbal Comfort Relax Patch (Wintergreen) 10pcs/pack

Product Description


  • Goodgod


  • Taiwan


  • 10pcs/1 pack
  • Size: 8.7 x 15cm


  • Certified under ISO9001:2015 and ISO22716:2007.
  • Goodgod Relax Patch are a powerful blend of evidence-based herbal extracts and certified organic essential oils combined into a convenient patch. The patch can be placed almost anywhere providing comfort with the distinct aroma of essential oils. 
  • Essential oils and herbal extracts in proper amounts that are safe and comforting. No more confusion and frustration of mixing your own oils.
  • Provides temporary relief for backache, sore shoulder, stiff neck and joint pain.
  • Easy to use anywhere before and after exercise like climbing, fishing, golf, etc.

How to use:

  • Clean and dry area. Remove the entire patch backing and carefully apply to the area.
  • It is advised to change the plaster every 12 to 24 hours.

Expiry Date:

  • 5 years after opening the patch.

Vendor : Goodgod