Green Cross Anti Fungal Double Action Foot Cream (For Tinea & Athlete's Foot) 20g

Product Description
  • Green Cross


  • Korea


  • 20g


  • Main Ingredient :
  • l-menthol 10mg/g, potassium glycyrrhizinate 5mg/g
  • lidocaine 20 mg/g, terbinafine hydrochloride 10mg/g
  • Green Cross foot cream is an effective topical dermatologic preparation which provides a range of therapy in treating dermatologic conditions.
  • The anti-bacterial ingredient gets rid of bacteria that makes your feet smell.
  • Green Cross foot cream is also used for treatment of inflammatory and allergic dermatologic conditions threatened or complicated by bacteria and/or common fungal infections,including candidal (monilia) infections.
  • Dual action easy to apply cream:
  • Anti-fungal and anti-bacterial
  • Eradicates fungi that cause athlete's foot
  • Gets rid of bacteria that makes your feet smell

How to use:

  • Apply an appropriate amount to the affected area.

Vendor : Green Cross